Tanya (panacea42) wrote,

Old-School Photos

Last weekend Philip and I went to his union Christmas party (the retirees are invited as well). In the past they've catered to the older members with having the event at an Irish bar with good food, but the last couple years I think they've swung towards appealing to the younger members, and have the event at one of those hipster bowling alleys with a DJ, mediocre food, and an arcade. I love bowling, I even have a bowling trophy earned in a youth league, but I wasn't up for bowling at a Christmas party. So we were wandering around in the arcade...and they had an old-school-looking photo booth! An we could even get our photos in the old-school film strip format!! This is the result...

Yes, it would have been even *more* old-school if it was in black and white...wait, there's an image effect for that!


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