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Just some musings, after I have finished both of the Duran Duran autobiographies that have been written, I read John Taylor's first because he was (and remains) my favorite. I just finished Andy Taylor's as well.

Duran Duran were my *most favorite band* in the 80s. Meaning the one I obsessed the most over. The lineage of my teenage favorite bands is thus: First band to have their posters on my wall: Journey, with big fold-outs of Steve Perry and Jonathan Cain. There was a short flirtation with Michael Jackson, I remember cutting out the thumbnail of the "Thriller" album from the Columbia House "x number of records-for-one-cent" ad and pasting it on my 8-track player!!

Then, it was Duran Duran. They really did capture the imagination, and they were a REAL band that played all of their own instruments, wrote all of their own songs, and did all of their own vocals for real, there was no autotune. I was a screaming teenager, and it was so thrilling to see them live in Hartford, CT on the "Seven and the Ragged Tiger" tour. But I was swayed by the feeling they were "superficial", so eventually I moved on.

My next favorite band was the Psychedelic Furs. Oh man, Richard Butler's I know I saw them live, I'm trying to remember where. I think it may have been the Agora (aka Agony) Ballroom in Hartford, the same venue where I saw Tears for Fears and passed out — it was overcrowded because "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" went to #1 after the gig was booked.

After that I'm certain it was all Marillion all the time — the U.S. hits "Kayleigh", "Lady Nina", and "Lavender" (and their accompanying videos!) were so brilliant, they reeled me in. All of their albums up through "Clutching at Straws" I absolutely adored. So I was so excited when I saw they were playing Toad's Place in New Haven in the early 90s, when I was still In Connecticut. I had never seen them live, and I was so thrilled to be seeing 'Fish in the flesh!'.

Well. There was no or little public internet then, so I had no idea Fish left the band and there was a new singer!! Quite a let-down, but they did play a good show. However, I really haven't gotten the groove of the 'new' Marillion, and I'm a huge fan of Fish solo. No diss to the band, they were SO MUCH as much a part of the early albums as Fish was (ESPECIALLY Steve Rothery's scathing, gorgeous guitar work), but I just wasn't as moved by the vocals and music of the subsequent albums.

Then it was pretty much as it comes...met a lot of people that introduced me to a lot more great music. 

But recently, I have felt crappy for turning away from Duran...they are truly GREAT. Run an experiment if you doubt it — put the song "Rio" on the jukebox at your local bar and observe the reaction. Those that remember it will be bobbing their heads, while those that don't will be wondering what it is. All will be captivated by it.


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